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Heavy biaxial boat trailer

7 m
2.45 m


  • for a boat with the length of – 6800-7000 mm
  • trailer width – 2450 mm


  • hot-dip galvanised frame and other metal structures
  • profiles in visible cross-sections capped with PVC plugs
  • bolts, M6, M8 nuts capped with PVC covers
  • braked axle from KNOTT of Germany type: VGB 13- 1350kg/ 2 pcs.
  • overrun device from KNOTT of Germany type: KF 27 – 2700 kg
  • tires: 185R 14C with an increased load-capacity index
  • reinforced rims 5 1/2 Jx14 H2, 112 x5
  • adjustable chassis trolley – enables proper balancing of the trailer
  • TK-48 reinforced manoeuvring (support) wheel
  • front trestle for winch with adjustable rubber bow
  • adjustable rubber side supports – 5 pcs
  • holders for fixing tensioning belts 6 pcs
  • capstan with steel wire and hook
  • trailer lighting and rear beam (electrical installation set) adjustable and disassembled (applies to the entire rear beam)
  • electrical installation 12V/24V
  • galvanized wheel arches, mud flaps
  • registration documents, EU approval
  • warranty and post-warranty service

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