Kayaking trip down the Wda river and its tributaries

Rally distance195 km


Cena kajaka 1-os. / dzień35 zł
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Kayaking trip down the Wda river - The Trzebiocha with the Rakownica, the Graniczna and the Pilica

The Trzebiocha river is the last section of an interesting multi-variant kayaking byway. It is the left tributary of the Wda. In its upper reaches, it is called the Rakownica or the Raknica. The alternative route can lead through the tributaries – the Pilica and the Borowa.
The river basin area is 226 km2, the river is 24 km long, available for kayakers almost along its entire length. It is an easy trail, however, when the water level is low, there are places that require towing a kayak, which may be onerous. It offers a short, interesting, varied connection to Wda.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - Pilica (Borowa)

The Pilica river, also known as the Pieliska, is the right tributary of the Graniczna, in the upper reaches, to the Kania estuary, it is called the Borowa, and in the lower reaches, the Pilica. Its sources lie north of Lake Sumino near the village of Małe Zdunowice. The river basin area is 111 km2, the length of the river is 20 km. Easy trail, accessible for kayaks from Lake Suminko, troublesome in the upper reaches due to the large number of shallows and culverts.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - The Wda Canal and Studzieniczna Struga

The Wda Canal is the oldest river channel in this part of the Tuchola Forest, built for land improvement purposes in the 19th century, leading most of Wda’s waters to artificial meadows in the region of Czarna Woda. The first channels began to be constructed as early as in 1840s to fertilize the sandy soils.
>Past the village of Borsk, the channel gradually moves away from the river, in the central part it leads through a dense pine forest, and in the lower section it diverges into many branches, irrigating meadows and draining water to the Wda. This trail is an alternative to the Wda trail. It is easy and picturesque, without any obstacles in the upper course, rather strenuous in the lower section. In the description, we suggest choosing the most interesting variant of the Wda Canal and Studzienicka Struga trail and the Wda trail in the case of a very low water level behind the culvert in Borsk.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - Niechwaszcz and Parzenica

Niechwaszcz is the right tributary of the Wda, and also a connection between the Brda and the Wda. The section from the Zbrzyca River in Leśno up to the village of Chłopowy (Brusy-Czersk road) is not accessible for kayaks. In the upper reaches you can observe an interesting phenomenon of bifurcation – the river splits into two directions; some of the water is directed north to Lake Leśno and to the Zbrzyca (Brda basin), and some to the south as the Niechwaszcz River. The river basin area is 202 km2, the river is 44 km long.
A convenient place to start the rally is Lake Blewic near the Popówko bus stop (about 6 km from Wiela), however, due to the discomfort associated with crossing Jazy Lake (shallow, muddy, major problems with rowing), it is most preferable to launch from the isthmus between Jazy and Skąpe lakes that you can reach using a forest road from Wiela through Rogalewo or Piątkowo towards Lubnia.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - Kałębnica

The Kałębnica river is the left tributary of the Wda with a watercourse length of 15 km and the river basin area of 73 km2. It connects a string of picturesque lakes. This trail can be navigated by kayaking either against the flow of the river or with it, treating it as an inlet route.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - Święta Struga

The Święta Struga flows from Święte Lake. The river is 19 km long and the river basin area is 88 km2. It is an easy, picturesque and varied trail, however, it may be tiring.

Kayaking trip down the Wda river - Prusina

The Prusina river is the right tributary of the Wda. It flows in a narrow valley with high forested slopes. In Tlen, it flows into Żur lake. Available for kayaks from Osieczna, but the first section is extremely narrow, 1.5-2 m wide, and winding, hence single kayaks are preferable. The river basin area is 220 km2, the length of the river is 30 km.

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